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Best Quality Metal Roofing sheets


Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing sheets are the ideal option for those who are reroofing a garden building, residential garage, commercial warehouse. This is due to them being available in a choice of styles, easy to install, offering unmatched durability.

This is as they each use tough steel unique coatings to withstand the considerable weight prevent corrosion years into the future. 

Advantages of Metal Roof Sheets 

In addition to its superb durability, metal roofing offers several other benefits to homeowners tradespeople. Making it the perfect choice for residential commercial projects of varying sizes.

Superb Lifespan

our corrugated metal sheets to our steel tile effect panels, you can expect all of our metal roofing sheets to achieve a lifespan of over a decade. Some are also guaranteed for far longer, with brands such as Britmet offering a 40-year warranty. 

Incredibly Lightweight

Weighing between 5kg 15kg per square meter, steel roofing sheets are amongst the lightest roofing materials available. This makes them suitable for almost any structure, such as steel supported warehouses timber garden buildings.

Simple installation

Many of our metal roofing sheets simple interlock overlay, making installation a pain-free endeavor. They are also accompanied by specially designed fixings accessories, speeding up installation on virtually any structure whilst achieving a professional finish.


metal roofing sheets can suit a variety of budgets. As they are easy to fit, they require less labor few specialist tools. Keeping the overall cost of your project low.

Truly Multipurpose

You can also use many of our metal roofing sheets to clad the exterior of a building. This includes our box profile steel roofing sheets, which are perfectly suited for cladding warehouses as well as other commercial premises.

Types of Metal Roofing Sheets

box profile to tile effect, you’re sure to find a style that suits your budget project. Each of these profiles is also available in a choice of thicknesses sizes, providing the level of durability required helping to keep installation time low.  

Corrugated Metal Roof Sheets

Box Profile Metal Roof Sheets

he life expectancy of your metal roofing sheet by up to 10 years allow for a choice of colour, something of particular importance if you’re planning to use them for cladding.

Tile Effect Metal Roof Sheets

Designed to imitate clay concrete tiles, tile effect roofing sheets combine the durability of steel with a traditional aesthetic. You have a choice of profiles, such as the classic pantile. Each of the different styles is then coated with granules, achieving a more realistic finish added durability. These panels are ideal if you’re looking to match the appearance of an adjacent building.

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